We picked our stuff, grabbed a picnic bag filled with veggie samosas and some fresh strawberries.  Started Sky (our van) and we were ready to go! A quick drive out of Knysna, over some beautiful but rough dirt roads, we arrived at the entrance to the hiking trail.


My birthday wish was to get my soul filled with energy from a place where my feet had never been, and my eyes had never seen.


The trail started off easy and flat, which gave me the chance to focus all my attention on the surroundings and take in the bush and jungle atmosphere. Thick dense growth with the sun speckling through the canopy roof, exposing a plethora of hidden treats and summoning up beautiful, organic aromas from Mother Earth. And what a beautiful home it is for so many fauna and flora species.

Suddenly the peaceful and easy walk was over, we had hit the steep and slightly intimidating path down into the ravine. Looking down the rocky trail it was impossible to see the end, through the twists and turns hidden by the thick vegetation around us.  Luckily we had a rope that we could hold on to while we slowly moved down, towards the bottom of this steep descent.

The view that was waiting for us down there was more than I ever could imagine…

Only a few sunbeams could reach down to us reflecting and sparkling off the clear but dark water that slowly flowed before of us. Layer after layer of rock grew up from the water’s edge, it felts like time had stopped and at any moment the cliffs would shoot back into life and start to grow higher. In the distance, I could hear a little waterfall deep within the rocks and couldn’t wait to explore more of this mysterious place.

Excited and alone in this magical place, we took off our clothes and eagerly tested the waters. Still frigid from the cold winter rains, we forced ourselves to brave the cold. The cool waters invigorated my body, soothing my stiff muscles in a way that no commercial spa or massage has ever done. This was where I wanted to be!

After the refreshing swim, it was time for a well-deserved picnic on a rock made smooth by the water over thousands of years. After some more exploring and picture taking we packed up and headed back.

 Along the way, we whistled very out of tune and waited for an answer from the forest. To our surprise, a curious little bird answered and we looked at each other and laughed  – what a wonderful day.


Here’s the Google Map to help get you to the rock pools:



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