Another world – South Africas highest fossil sand dunes!

 It feels like another planet to walk next to these hills – you can see every detail mother earth has fomed by her bare hands for over two million years.

Gericke’s Point lies at the end of Swartvlei Beach, it offers a wide open and soft sandy stretch of beach,  sheltered from the wind and the sun by towering fossilized sand dunes. You can explore the point, a short walk from the parking area, or just relax anywhere you like. We couldn’t resist taking a walk down the beach as Gericke’s Point looked so inviting.

The beach was almost empty except for a few others enjoying the amazing weather. Along the way, there were a few fishermen, and it seems like the water here is rich with sea life. Floyd was a little unsure if it would ever be worth surfing this stretch of coast as he thought the water looked “sharky”.

We did have a few dips in the water though, but it was rather fresh, and felt only marginally warmer than Cape Town, and freezing compared to Zanzibar! As we approached the point the cliffs open up and reveal, a magical display of as the Indian Ocean batters against the reef. We discovered some amazing rock pools to swim in but had to quickly evacuate as the tide was on its way in, and we didn’t want to get swept away. We will definitely return and time it so we arrive on the dropping tide!

The cliffs themselves are amazing to see. These dunes were formed over two million years ago and over time have been eroded to become steep cliffs showing distinct layers and patterns caused by water, wind and sand erosion.


The sound of the waves and the crispy smell from the ocean – combines to create a rinsing and a detoxing feeling.

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